The Flight Suit

The easiest way to do the flightsuit is to modify an orange coverall. Since you'll be adding details to the suit, you'll need 2 coveralls - one for the base, and one for the extra fabric. You can try to get one suit and some fabric, but the odds of finding the same weight / texture / color are approximately 3720 to 1.

Tutorial by Angela Anderson-Cobb

Several Rebels have ordered the Working Class Clothes Orange Coverall and been very pleased. At $20ish dollars, the price is hard to beat.

Beyond that, you'll need a bunch of black velcro, orange thread, and a sewing machine. Ideally you want a machine that can use a double needle.

This photo shows the basic modifications required to convert a coverall into an X-wing suit. Click the image for a larger view. We'll go into more detail below.


The coverall will have a standard "butterfly" collar, where the X-wing suits had a 2" stand up collar, as can be seen in this picture of Luke's suit from the Magic of Myth exhibit. The collar overlaps, and the side of the collar on top comes to a point. The collar should secure with black velcro.


The coverall will most likely have button adjustable cuffs. The screen used suits had velcro cuffs, pointed similarly to the collar, also secured with black velcro.

Arm Pockets

On the right arm is a rectangular pocket with a velcro secured flap. On the left arm is the tool pocket. This is a somewhat oddly shaped pocket with 3 sections, for storing the 3 tools.

Left Arm Pocket | Right Arm Pocket | Right Arm Flap

Commpad Pocket

On the left forearm is a pocket for a commpad, similar to what is seen on a number of other SW costumes.

Comm Pad Pocket

Chest Pockets

There are, technically, chest pockets on the flightsuit. These pockets are almost completely covered by the flak vest, so it's up to you if you think it's worth doing. To be completely accurate, you need them.

Chest Pocket

Leg Pockets

Each Leg has 2 large rectangualr pockets with flaps secured with more black velcro.

Cargo Pocket | Cargo Pocket Flap

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